Peninsular-based Opposition Parties No Longer Relevant In Sabah

File photo of Donald at a recent function in Penampang.
File photo of Donald at a recent function in Penampang.

PENAMPANG – Peninsular based opposition parties have no relevance in Sabah, said Upko secretary Datuk Donald Mojuntin.

He said it was this fact that several PKR and DAP leaders from Sabah, who are elected lawmakers at State and federal level, had quit their respective parties over the last two weeks.

“They must have realised that Peninsular based opposition parties have no relevance in Sabah,” said Donald in a statement Sunday. “It is becoming more obvious that these parties do not fully understand and appreciate the sensitivites, mentality and culture of Sabahans.”

PKR Sabah chief, Datuk Seri Lajim Haji Ukin led the exodus from the Anwar Ibrahim-led party, which included Moyog Assemblyman, Terrence Siambun, and several leaders at state level.

Earlier Penampang Member of Parliament, Darell Leiking had called it quits.

At a Sunday gathering to announce his decision and that of the others to quit PKR, Lajim had Pakatan Harapan ally, Junz Wong sharing the same stage.

The Likas Assemblyman brought with him six other state leaders including deputy chairperson, Joan Goh.

“Lajim’s exit has always been anticipated, having regard to the state of disunity in PKR and the fact that PKR has never seem fully comfortable with Sabahan YBs leading the party in the state,” said Donald.

“Their (Lajim, Terrence’s and Darrel) moving out goes to show that they have lost confidence in PKR. This gives credence to the perception that the party’s priority is to propogate the Anwar Ibrahim dynasty by inciting hatred towards the present government via any means, however improper.

“The well-being of Sabah is obviously secondary to the party.”

He suggested that Junz’s leaving the DAP confirms a trend in Sabah and the fact that support for the party in the State is fast depleting.

This latest political episode only goes to show even further how much in disarray the state of the opposition alliance is, he added saying that it will definitely erode the loose coalition of Pakatan Harapan which day to day seems to be disintegrating.