Penampang Hospital Another ‘Janji Palsu’ By the BN Govt – Siambun

A 'Janji Kosong
A forlorn Moyog Assemblyman, Siambun stares at a ‘Janji Kosong’ of the BN government – empty pledge to build better health facilities in Penampang, but after four years, nothing has been done on this piece of land earmarked for the new health facility.
Terrence Siambun
Terrence Siambun

PENAMPANG – The state assemblyman for Moyog, Terrence Siambun has questioned the status of the proposed construction of Penampang’s Medical Clinic supposedly to be located on a piece of land located at Kg Dambai here.

According to Siambun, the proposal and suggestion for Penampang to have its own full-fledged hospital to serve its 160,000 population was mooted by Penampang folks way back in 2010 as the existing Polyclinic is facing acute congestion.

“Subsequently, there had been a ground-breaking ceremony officiated and attended by several BN Penampang leaders in 2013 with promises being made, amongst other, that the district will experience an improvement in its medical amenities,” said Siambun.

“Alas, after four years, we’re still waiting as nothing has yet started and it is understandable that Penampang folk who pass by the site everyday would refer the project as another ‘janji palsu’ by the BN Government.”

He said as an opposition politician he could easily have politicise this issue so that the Penampang folk will be full of hatred against the BN but that will not serve my inner hopes of seeing our old folk, pregnant women and poor villagers enjoy modern and comfortable medical amneties?

“However, I cannot understand how our own BN Penampang leaders could act as if nothing is happening when in the first place, they have already promised to the Penampang folks that they will ensure this project will a reality,” charged Siambun who is also Parti Warisan treasurer.

“Why is there a delay in this matter? Is true that our BN Penampang leaders are blackmailing our Penampang folk by waiting for the next GE to come before the actual works begin?

“Or is this is a form of punishment towards our Penampang folk who have elected two opposition state assemblymen and a member of parliament who have been working hard to bring the aspirations, dignity and ideals of equality of Penampang.”

Siambun added that he will pursue the matter relentlessly through whatever means possible.

He said the funds for the construction of the said medical clinic will come from the Federal Government’s consolidated funds and not from the purses of UPKO, MCA or UMNO.

“Meanwhile, the consolidated funds derived from whatever our Federal Government collected from Sabah’s natural resources including the projected RM42 billion in terms of GST collection for this year,” he contended.

“Since UPKO is a staunch supporter of Najib Razak’s GST, then perhaps its Secretary General who is also the BN Chairman for Penampang can whisper in the ears of our PM to get the project done immediately,” he added.

“How can we continuously let our resources be taken by the Federal Government or the fact that we must pay GST, taxes and duties immediately without any questions being asked while it takes a very long time to ensure that our district will experience upgradement of public amneties such as the proposed secondary school at Moyog or the Penampang medical clinic?”

According to Siambun he will bring this matter personally to the attention of the Federal Government with the help of Penampang people.