PdPR: Three Brothers Trek 20 Min Up Hill To Get Internet Connection

PAPAR: If there’s a will, there’s way. This saying best describes the determination of three siblings from Kampung Gana here to follow the Home-based Teaching and Learning (PdPR) programme which was introduced this year.

Unlike their friends who just switch on their gadgets from the comfort of their rooms, Joshua Emmanuel Jeffrey, 12, Jordon Emmanuel, nine, and Joshean Emmanuel, eight, have to spend 20 minutes going up a hill behind their house to reach a spot where they can get good internet connection.

But the three brothers feel that their daily trek up the hill at 8.30 am is worth the effort, as it enables them to follow online lessons under PdPR.

Joshua said they were accompanied by either their mother Esther Dungin, 37, or father Jeffrey Joseph, 41, when going up the hill, located about 500 metres behind their house.