PBS A Mere Empty Vessel; Loud Noises But Nothing To Show


KOTA KINABALU: Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) must wake up to the reality of the migrant situation in Sabah instead of spewing the same old remarks for the last 40 years but with nothing to show.

The number of illegal immigrants in Sabah has been rising ever since the days when PBS was in government.

I believe there were 50,000 to 100,000 illegals in Sabah during the time when PBS was the state government. And the number kept climbing with PBS in Barisan Nasional.

This is the problem with just sitting and shouting about it. The problem festers and grows.

Please take note that the Warisan-led government has begun what was recommended by the Barisan RCI but Pairin Kitingan and Musa Aman slept over it.

Warisan has promised to sort it out. We cannot be emotional. We must be realistic and most importantly, we must take progressive action.

The number of stateless persons include many whose nationalities cannot be established because over time they have seeped into our society.

Warisan wants to act and solve it in the best interest of Sabah and our rakyat.

I would like to ask Joniston if he knows who these people are.

If the previous government had identified and kept track of them, then the process of understanding the complex situation would be easier.

The current government is starting from scratch to understand the legal position of these people who hold the three different cards.

It has to determine how best to deal with the relevant nations to receive their citizens back and also look at the position of some who could be Malaysians at least via one parent.

With a situation so complex the BN government, which PBS was very much a part of, did not even dare to resolve it although some directions were given by the RCI.

Joniston has missed the point – the purpose of PSS or Pas Sementara Sabah is to determine the number of immigrants and keep track of their movements.

This way we can better regulate and monitor them instead of hollering about an issue that is long known to everyone and then sweeping it under the carpet.