Parti Cinta-Anak Negeri Rocked By Top Leaders Quitting Following Pact

Paul Voon, fourth from right, and other PCS leaders at Thursday’s press conference in Kota Kinabalu where they announced they were leaving the party.

KOTA KINABALU: Parti Cinta Sabah (PCS) was Thursday rocked by a spate of resignations of its top leaders which included three of its deputy presidents.

Dr Nicholas James Guntobon, Paul Voon, Dr Richard Sakian Gunting, the three deputy presidents led a group of eight leaders to quit PCS saying they were unhappy with the move to form a political pact with Anak Negeri.

Their resignations from the PCS-AN pact comes a day after five Anak Negeri leaders also called it a day with the Henrynus Amin-led party.

The AN leaders included Willybroad Missi, deputy President II, Dusup Gani, Information Chief, as well as Joanas Edler Bibi Kukubung, Eustachius John Jinuli and Donysius Gundidi Asoi, all supreme council members.

The rebellion comes a week after Bumburing signed a pact with Henrynus to work together to contest between 22 to 25 KadazanDusun Murut seats in the 14th general election in Sabah.

The Parti Cinta Sabah leaders who quit on Thursday. They are expected to join another opposition party soon. Others seated from left are Ramdi Indang, Hasmin Azroy, Dr Richard Gunting, Paul, Dr Nicholas Guntobon and Melvin Jaikul.

At a Press conference Thursday, Voon told reporters:

“We want nothing to do with that. We need to work together with political parties that have the potential for a regime change.”

Voon said that they were thinking of joining a mainstream opposition party on a later date but declined to disclose which party.

He said that the ideology of PCS was to for it to be a multi-racial party with a Kadazandusun-Murut-Rungus base.

“But, the pact with Anak Negeri made the party exclusive to the non-Muslim bumiputera which does not reflect the party’s ideology.

“Its reluctance to work with other opposition political parties has rendered PCS irrelevant,” Paul added.

Other PCS leaders who left included Hasmin Azroy Abdullah, its Youth chief cum vice President, Ramdi Indang, its Information Chief, as well as Melvin Raymond Jaikul, Lai Yun Thiam and Pinus Gondili, all Supreme Council members.


When quitting Anak Negeri on Wednesday, the group alleged that they lost fath in Henrynus as it seemed his fight was based on a personal agenda, and that only three people – the president, secretary and treasurer – were calling the shots.

In an advisory to the media on its Whatsapp group, Lesaya Lopog Sorudim from PCS Media and Communications group said Paul had submitted his letter of resignation as PCS deputy President a week ago.

He also said that Bumburing had been informed that several senior leaders have also resigned.

“Bumburing will give explanation tomorrow (Friday) at a PCS-AN rally in Tenghilan,” Lesaya said.

When contacted Junz Wong the Parti Warisan Sabah vice president said he had heard about the resignations of the PCS leaders but was not sure if they were joining the Shafie Apdal-led party.

“They are however most welcome to join us if they believe in the Warisan cause,” he added.