Pakatan Should Show Us Its Shadow Cabinet First – Minister

Dr Salleh Said
Dr Salleh Said

COMMENT: The fact that the opposition has given birth to five coalitions since 1990, and now it appears like it is yet again changing its mind regarding PPBM or Pribumi, shows that even after more than 26 years the opposition is still not on stable ground.

People do not like to dabble with uncertainties and with Pakatan Harapan this is what you are getting.

Rafizi Ramli says if Pakatan wins the next general election Anwar Ibrahim is going to be the Prime Minister if all members of Pakatan accept him and if DYMM the Agong pardons him and if Anwar is released from jail and if there is a by-election and if Anwar wins the by-election and so on.

There are just too many ifs involved here and none can be answered at this stage.

That means Rafizi is asking the voters to first give power to Pakatan and then after that Pakatan will work on the many ifs and try to make Anwar the Prime Minister if that can happen.

But there are many other questions that also need to be answered such as who is going to become the Deputy Prime Minister or will there be more than one Deputy Prime Minister and who are those in the Cabinet and so on.

Pakatan cannot even set up a shadow cabinet yet after more than eight years in existence so how are they going to set up a Cabinet if they win the election?

Maybe Pakatan should first show us their shadow cabinet before being ambitious about setting up a government.

If a simple thing like a shadow cabinet, which is the common practice in the Westminster system of government, cannot be settled how to move on to bigger things?

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