Pakatan Harapan Reps To Stay Away From Integrity Programme With Jo

The Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building in Kuching. – Photo credit

KUCHING: Saying it is nothing but mere public relation exercise by the BN government, Pakatan Harapan State Assemblymen will not attend Thursday’s “Program Amanat Integriti Bersama YAB Ketua Menteri”.

Chong Chieng Jen, the Chairman of Pakatan Harapan Sarawak as well as Assemblyman for Kota Sentosa claimed the the BN government has not the slightest intent to adopt the practice of good governance and integrity.

One example of the BN government’s non-integrity policy is holding the people to ransom the allocation of Minor Rural Project (MRP) fund and the non-transparent application of the said MRP fund, Chong said in a statement, Wednesday.


“MRP funds are from the people and for the people,” he said. “However, the BN government takes pride in threatening those voters who vote for the Opposition by depriving them the benefit of the MRP fund.

“It is the basic principle of democracy that people are free to vote any party of their choice and that the government of the day must not penalise anyone for voting for the Opposition. Otherwise, we might as well not have elections.”

Chong said the Sarawak government has not the slightest respect for the basic principle of democracy and has lost all moral standing to talk about “integrity”.

The DAP has seven seats in the 82-strong Sarawak State Assembly, while PKR, its Pakatan Harapan partner, hold three seats. Amanah is not represented in the State Assembly.


According to Chong, who is also Kuching Member of Parliament, the present government not only defies the basic principle of democracy by wrongfully denying the rights of the people in the Opposition-held DUNs their rights to MRP funds, but it has also failed to be accountable to the application of such MRP fund by the BN ADUNs and Ministers.

He said the application of such funds by the BN ADUNs is not subject to the scrutiny of DUN Sarawak.

“Take for example, Sim Kui Hian the SUPP Minister, who claimed to have a RM9 million MRP fund for the year 2016. How much of the money was actually disbursed to the NGOs? How much of it has gone to SUPP and his branches and service centres?

“There is a total lack of accountability in the application of the MRP funds by the BN ADUNs and Ministers,” Chong added.

He said Abang Jo and the Sarawak BN has lost all moral standing to talk about “integrity” in its governance and thus the said program is nothing but mere public relation exercise to try white-wash the lack of integrity of the BN Government.

“While PH supports good governance and integrity, we will not partake in the meaningless “fake integrity” public relations exercise of the government which is aimed at misleading the people to believe that Sarawak BN practices integrity in its governance while in actual fact there is none.”