PAKAR: PKR Working With Umno, PAS To Impose Hudud After GE14

RANAU: Opposition supporters in Sabah are disappointed with the recent statement attributed to the PKR president indicating a disturbing possibility of PKR-UMNO-PAS working together to implement hudud after the next general elections (GE14).

Parti Kerjasama Rakyat Sabah (PAKAR) president Henrynus Amin said the statement by PKR national leaders on hudud will make it more difficult for the local Sabah opposition parties to justify an opposition pact with PKR in the coming GE14.


He claimed Sabah and Sarawak are united in their opposition to the amendment to Act 355, and as such, PKR’s open support for hudud will certainly cast doubts on their multiracial credentials and their firm commitment to the secular tradition of the country.

He said the prospect of PKR working with UMNO and PAS in support of hudud in Malaysia after GE14 is real and very frightening for east Malaysians.

“PKR’s open support for hudud further reinforces the popular perception there is indeed a widening gap or increasingly incompatible and conflicting cultural values between West Malaysia and east Malaysia,” he said in a statement.

“Further, UMNO and PAS’ agenda to impose hudud on Malaysian soil will surely disrupt or destroy the architectural framework of the formation of Malaysia represented by the visions and beliefs of the founding father Tengku Abdul Rahman.”

He said PAKAR fully subscribes to the call for unity of all Malaysians regardless of race, religion and geographical origins, a political ideal to be maintained and safeguarded at all costs for the sake of the future destiny of Malaysia.

Henrynus said they urge PKR Sabah to clarify the position taken by PKR national leaders on hudud and justify the possibility of PKR working with UMNO and PAS to implement hudud after the General Election.

“PAKAR stands firmly with all opposition political parties and civil society to oppose UMNO-PAS collaboration to turn Malaysia into an Islamic state,” he said when speaking to party supporters during a visit to Kampung Pahu Pinawantai in Kundasang.

“Freedom of religion is not limited to giving allocation to build place of worship or allowing reading of religious books. Freedom of religion is about freedom of conscience including the right of every citizen to profess, practice or even change religion based on choice and personal faith.”

He added the imposition of hudud will certainly infringe upon the secular tradition upon which Malaysia was founded, not to mention the specific provisions and spirit of the Malaysia Agreement.