Overall Delivery Systems Touched 95 Per Cent Says MAMPU’s Zainal Rahim

Zainal Rahim Seman
Zainal Rahim Seman


LABUAN – The overall performance of the government delivery system has reached 95 per cent of the people’s satisfactory level.

Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (Mampu) Datuk Seri Zainal Rahim Seman said the government delivery system is improving with various platforms introduced and set up by the unit to tailor them to the people’s needs.

“We have provided more than 11, 000 online delivery systems for members of the public to access to the various ministries’ websites, related to the current development issues.


“And as a result, the people had shown acceptance to our delivery system, as we have achieved at least 87 per cent of the people’s satisfactory through information technology (ICT) system.

“And we are now moving towards achieving 95 per cent of the people’s satisfactory level,” he said to reporters after making a visit to Patau-Patau Water village here Monday.

Zainal said the Mampu is gearing towards enhancing the delivery system with emphasis on the people-centric delivery system.

“We want to build the system that is acceptable to the people, not merely seen as the government-centric system,” he said.

He also said the unit has come up with a guideline book for the various government bodies to address the various issues and views in the social media.

“We are working together with the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia (MCMC) and IT-related agencies to exchange ideas to come with better solution on the issues highlighted in the social media and to find better ways for people to have easy access to government matters,” he said.

Zainal was earlier attended a meeting with government officials in Labuan at Labuan Corporation on enhancing the delivery system in the respective organisation.