‘Outright Mockery And Betrayal To The People Of Sabah’

COMMENT: In response to the announcement that Malaysian United Indigenous Party (PPBM or Bersatu) will set up their branch here in Sabah, the move can only be described as a disrespect of the people’s choice in the 14th general election.

The next step of PPBM party obviously is to take in “political frogs” who recently withdrew from the Sabah UMNO, and in so doing, resurrect them into the ruling party. This is an outright mockery and betrayal to the people of Sabah.

Even though PPBM has the right to set up their branches anywhere in the country, but if it is used to absorb opposition members in order to disrupt the political stability in Sabah, it is akin to stabbing a knife behind the back of their political ally in Sabah – Parti Warisan Sabah.

This can be viewed as an attempt to undermine the stability of the current state coalition government and so possibly bring Sabah into a political turmoil.

This kind of politicking is appalling and outright disgusting to the people. As a member of the Sabah Legislative Assembly, I fully supported the decision of the Sabah people in the last general election – that the people have already elected the coalition made up of WARISAN-DAP-PKR-UPKO, who won the majority to form the government after 509 (May 9) election, and this decision should be defended and maintained.

Personally I am satisfied with the current leadership of Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Mohd Shafie Apdal. Under the leadership of the current state government, Sabah’s development is set on track in the right direction and progressing at a steady pace. Therefore, PPBM had no reason at all to set foot here in Sabah, allegedly to strengthen the current state government.

The people are tired of “too much politics” from the politicians. My advise therefore that it is hightime for those ministers, MPs and assemblymen to concentrate on playing their roles, doing their part in serving and improving the lives of the people.

I have called on DAPSY National Chief Howard Lee to ask him to raise his dissatisfaction with PPBM at the national level.

* Phoong Jin Zhe, is DAPSY National Publicity Secretary and State Assemblyman for Luyang


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