Our PM Has Earned President Trump’s Respect And That Of His Colleagues

Najib Razak introduces his team to Donald Trump. Among them was Anifah Aman, Malaysia’s Foreign Minister. – Photo credit Wisma Putera

COMMENT: No words can describe how proud the privileged few of us who were with the Prime Minister during the working visit to the President of the United States of America.

I accompanied him to visits with Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers but this could be the peak.

If only the rakyat of Malaysia could see how Najib Razak handled the visit and the quality of the exchanges that earned the respect of the US President and his delegation, would make you proud as a Malaysian.

All the top three of the US government and senior Cabinet members were there. Seldom happened or none so far. President Trump was not what you read in the papers; he is truly the President of the most powerful nation and our PM has earned his respect and that of his colleagues.

The President sought Najib’s views on regional and international issues and at times instructed his senior cabinet members to do as what the Malaysian had done.

I thank Najib for the honour and privilege to be there with him on that historical day. You can see the body language of the President’s Cabinet and their attentiveness that this was a meeting of substance.

Truly I can’t find enough words to describe how proud I was. And you all should too because our Prime Minister is special! ”

Anifah Aman is Minister of Foreign Affairs and Member of Parliament for Kimanis