Only With Sabah ICs Can The Militant Threat Be Snuffed Out – Warisan

Sending back a few hundred illegal immigrants cannot resolve the ‘mother of all problems’ in Sabah when the numbers are in the hundreds of thousands.

KOTA KINABALU: The State Government has no other choice but to proceed immediately with the issuance of the Sabah IC as a means to end the threat of IS militancy and to weed out Projek IC holders.

Darell Leiking, the deputy President of Parti Warisan Sabah, said Thursday that there is no other choice in tackling this issue, now that it has been a fact that terrorist cells are being set up in the State.

“I have stated on numerous occasions, particularly in Parliament, that the threat of foreigners holding dubious citizenship in Sabah is real and I have asked both the Federal and State governments to act immediately on this issue,” he said in a statement Thursday.

“It has been my stand (and now Warisan too) that the State government must issue its own ‘Sabah IC’ to put an end to the threat of IS militancy and the presence of Projek IC in the State.


“This is so in view of the parliamentary answer given to me by Zahid Hamidi, the Home Minister, in Parliament last year that the Federal government is not agreeable to a recall of MyKad in Sabah and to re-issue new ones, because of legal implications that may arise from such action.”

Leiking was commenting on the news report that several IS (Islamic State) militants have been detained by the Bukit Aman Counter-Terrorism Unit believed to be setting up IS recruitment bases here.

“I recall the statement by Bakri Zinin, the former deputy IGP, who said that the illegal immigrant problem in Sabah is the Mother of all Problems. However despite that, the influx and assimilation of illegal immigrants into Sabah and acquiring citizenship have only increased.

“Sabahans are very angry and most of all no longer trust all the talk by the BN Government because there is an apparent lack of political will on the part of Sabah BN and the Federal Government to act towards a permanent solution on this issue.

“You cannot expect the standard procedure of inspection, detention and deportation of say, 100 to 300 illegal immigrants in Sabah, as being enough considering that based on the census by the Statistics Department in 2013, there exists 400,000 illegal immigrants in Sabah. Not taking into account the Projek IC holders.

A police check on foreigners without proper documents in a location in Kota Kinabalu.

“There is indeed a clear and present danger to Sabah because of this,” stressed Leiking, who is also the federal lawmaker for Penampang.

He also queried if Sabah BN leaders really believe that the ongoing operations to flush out illegal immigrants in Sabah are enough to show that they have done their job as the Government of the day?

According to Leiking, a Sabah BN component leader told him last year that Zahid Hamidi was going to announce the long-awaited steps to permanently resolve the presence of the illegal immigrants in Sabah following the completion of the RCI.

“But until now, we have yet to hear such an announcement,” he pointed out.

“Another Sabah BN component leader requested Warisan to settle the problem of illegal immigrants and Projek ICs holders in Sabah which clearly tells us that Sabah BN is non-committal on this issue for reasons known only to them.”

Towards this end, Leiking contended that only through the issuance of the Sabah IC, can these threats be likely eradicated.

“In fact, the idea of Sabah issuing its own IC had been mooted and proposed by several political parties, both from the BN and opposition camps alike.

“So what is Musa Aman waiting for? As the Chairman of the State’s Security Council, he should proceed with the issuance (of Sabah IC) immediately without any more dilly-dallying,” he added.