Only Politicians Bankrupt Of Ideas Use Religion For Scare-Mongering


COMMENT: It is most unfortunate that some politicians are using religion as a political bogeyman, in particular for scare-mongering purposes, which is badly dividing the people.

Sabah and Sarawak have never experienced any problems regarding religion but now some politicians are trying to raise religious sentiments as part of their political strategy. This is not only very naughty but dangerous as well.

Even Lim Kit Siang is talking about religion in his latest blog posting.

We are seeing many examples all over the world as to what happens when religious conflicts occur.

Why the need to divide Muslims into moderate Muslims and extremist Muslims and further divide Muslims and non-Muslims?

Only politicians bankrupt of ideas would do this. It is even ironical when those who are causing the divide grumble about the problem and say Malaysia needs to be saved.

This is like the fox offering to save the chickens from getting eaten by other foxes.

Nation building cannot be achieved by dividing the people. So let us hear what solutions those people who complain about a divided Malaysia can offer.

Talking about how badly divided Malaysia is will not unite the country. It just divides Malaysians even more.

We keep hearing about the problem without hearing what the solutions are. And those who complain about it are actually the problem rather than the solution. –


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