Only In Sabah You Find This – 1Malaysia Showcased At Couple’s Wedding

Dusun youths, friends and relatives of the couple, in their traditional finery with striking Lotud decoration as the backdrop. The Lotud ethnic group sees a mixture of religions as many among them are Christians or Muslims. – Photo credit by Teddy Chin

KOTA KINABALU: Only in Sabah one can see a fine example of 1Malaysia at work. This is no empty boast as a recent wedding reception has proven.

The newly-weds come from different ethnic backgrounds and hence the décor at the reception hall was also multi-cultural.

Hafiz and Sofinaz; he will be posted to Sandakan while she has to wait a little longer where she will be going.

The bridegroom, Mohd Hafiz Mohd Nasir’s father is a Bugis from Tawau while the mother is a Dusun from Tenghilan.

The bride, Sofinaz Sulaiman’s father, Patrict Sulaiman Sinnil Sabri is a Dusun Lotud from Tamparuli and her mother, Rafidah Karaman, is a Brunei from Papar.

Sulaiman is a successful businessman while his wife is a senior education officer.

The newly-weds met while studying – both in medicine – in Egypt.

Hafiz has just started his housemanship in Sandakan while Sofinaz is waiting to be posted.

Among the hundreds of guests who turned up was Haji Hajiji Hj Noor, the Local Government and Housing minister and his wife, Juliah Salag, who is related to Sulaiman.