Omar: Maintain Excellence In Fight Against Drugs

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Omar Mammah called on the Sabah Police Contingent to maintain its excellence its fight against crime, especially drug trafficking and drug abuse throughout the state.

He said the Sabah Police Contingent had been awarded the ‘Bunga Emas’ Award by the top leader of the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) for being the best contingent in the effort to combat and eradicate drug trafficking and abuse in 2019.

“I congratulate all the district police chiefs (KPD) in Sabah for their commitment in carrying out the fight against crime, especially drug trafficking and abuse.

“Therefore, I hope that this effort can be further enhanced so that the Sabah Police Contingent can maintain their excellence in the future,” he told reporters after the Sabah Police Commissioner’s Special Assembly and Appreciation Certificate presentation, here today.

Omar said the Sabah Police Contingent’s success in combating and eradicating drug trafficking and abuse over the last year was realised through the co-operation of all parties including other law enforcement agencies.

‘’I also directed all KPD to pick five hot spots in their respective areas deemed to have worrying drugs activities early last year.

‘’So, the five hot spots must be cleansed through continuous aggressive operations, other than implementing Op Payung, namely, stationing personnel in the hot spots at all times,’’ he added.