Nothing Wrong With AG, CJ Dancing At Our Celebration

COMMENT : The Sabah Law Society [SLS] categorically refutes any suggestion of impropriety as expressed by certain quarters over the video of members of the legal fraternity dancing on stage at the Opening of the Legal Year Gala Dinner 2019 [OLY 2019].

Firstly, this dinner function is an annual celebratory tradition for Sabah and Sarawak after the formal ceremonial proceedings held earlier in the morning.

Secondly, the OLY 2019 is a closed door celebration by all stakeholders of the legal fraternity, namely members of the judiciary, the attorney general’s chambers and members of the bar.

Thirdly, this joint event between the bench and bar has occurred since 2001 and it is the hallmark of a mature legal community. It is therefore very disappointing that certain groups are attempting to politicise what is essentially a social and harmonious occasion reflective of our East Malaysian hospitality.

The only real “twist” is that of the facts and we have faith that our society is similarly mature enough to recognise that the individuals in the video are able to separate their professional life from the personal.

It would be a sad day for our legal community if members feel constrained from dancing at an annual social occasion such as the OLY 2019 as a result of such unsubstantiated criticism.

Brendon soh is president of the Sabah law society