‘Not Logical’, Warisan’s ‘Olive Branch’ To BN, SakSaMa Tells Darell

Any political co-operation between BN Sabah and Warisan can only materialise if the former quits the ruling coalition or Warisan is accepted as a member

Shafie Apdal spoke out against the alleged 1MDB scandal and for that he was sacked from the Najib Tun Razak cabinet and later sacked as vice president of UMNO. – Internet photo

LETTER: SakSaMa reiterates that it’s ready to work with Parti Warisan Sabah and others in the opposition including in Malaya.

Instead, Warisan wants to court Barisan Nasional (BN) Sabah parties.

It is not logical at all. We need further and better particulars on the proposed political co-operation between BN Sabah and Warisan.


We are referring to a statement by Warisan deputy president Darell Leiking on Wednesday.

His statement is “full of holes”.

Darell does not have his feet firmly planted on the ground. The opposition cannot base its politics on wishful thinking and living on hope. The realpolitik demands that BN Sabah be fought, as enemies, to the finish.

In short, it’s not only Umno that should be driven out from power, but BN Sabah as well.

Warisan needs to forget about its past in BN and instead come to terms with its place in local politics as an opposition party.

Darell thinks the proposed amendment to Act 355, paving the way for hudud, is the last straw for BN Sabah parties and time to end their relationship with Umno.

Also, Darell applauded Warisan president Shafie Apdal for standing firm on the 1MDB Scandal. He claims that Shafie was against the attempt to make him subservient to the prime minister on 1MDB.

Quote – Shafie stood up, as a Sabahan and as a matter of principle, on the 1MDB Scandal”Unquote.

Interestingly, no one in BN Sabah publicly shares the Warisan deputy’s enthusiasm on Shafie and 1MDB.

If none of the BN Sabah leaders are willing to query Najib on 1MDB, why should Darell be so eager to work with them?

Any Warisan/BN Sabah political co-operation can only be based on an electoral pact, obviously against Umno. It’s strange to envision such an arrangement covering both sides of the political divide.

We can only envisage such co-operation if BN Sabah quits the ruling coalition or Warisan is accepted as a member.

The doors of BN remain closed to Warisan as long as Najib is the party president. It was the Shafie-Najib feud that led to the former being sacked from the federal cabinet.

Shafie was also susequently suspended as Umno vice president, forcing him to leave the Umno Sabah chapter which he reportedly founded.

  • Shamsudin Osman says he is a Supreme Council Member of Gabungan Rakyat SakSaMa. The views expressed herein are that of the writer and is not necessarily endorsed by BorneoToday.