No Way ‘Young And Vibrant Warisan Wants To Copy Failed PBS – Info Head

Young Warisan leaders
Young Warisan leaders like Loretto Padua, second from right, who is also the party’s secretary-general, Peter Anthony, Terrence Siambun have a new vision and mission for Sabah.

KOTA KINABALU – Parti Warisan Sabah (Warisan) does not have the slightest intention to emulate or even copy the ideals of PBS, a political party that failed to protect the interests of the ordinary Sabahans within the Federation of Sabah.

“Being a political party having the most young, energetic and determined young leaders, why would Warisan allow itself to be moulded by ideals brought up by PBS,” said the party’s Information Chief of (PWS), Honorsius Bosuin

Honorsius Bosuin
Honorsius Bosuin

“The very reason as to why these young leaders exist in Sabah’s political scenario is to oppose UMNO/PBS,” he added in a statement Wednesday in reply to Dr Maximus Ongkili charging Warisan as copying PBS’ ‘Sabah for Sabahan’ battlecry.

“PBS under Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan and now Maximus continues to boast as leaders of a parochial-minded political party that continously ask the Sabahans to keep quiet and just accept whatever BN Sabah shove into their throats.

“Warisan on the other hand strives to be the platform whereby the true peoples’ governance of the State could be achieved via wider participation of the people in the Government’s decision making,” he added.

Honorsius said Pairin did bother to stand up and be with the the people at Ulu Papar who ferociously objected to the Kaiduan Dam for years?

Darell Leiking, second from right and Junz Wong, right, are Warisan's deputy president and vice president respectively.
Darell Leiking, second from right and Junz Wong, right, are Warisan’s deputy president and vice president respectively.

“Instead he (Pairin) asked the villagers to keep quiet and just accept the Government’s decision. Did the villagers err in their decision to object? No!

“Because even the BN compoment that remained elusive on Kaiduan Dam (UPKO) have now finally called for the cancellation of the project,” he charged.

Dr Maximus Ongkili
Dr Maximus Ongkili

At an event in Tawau on Tuesday, Maximus had claimed that Warisan is merely copying what PBS had done all the while in Sabah.

Among the up and coming leaders in Warisan are the likes of Darell Leiking, Junz Wong, Terrence Siambun, Aziz Bin Jamman, Joan Goh, Loretto Padua Jr. and many more.

Honorsius went on to say that he would like to correct Maximus (whom he presumes has no idea at all as to what is happening on the ground) that it is not “Sabah for Sabahans” that Warisan would want to achieve.

“Rather, it is “Sabahans for Sabah” whereby all Sabahans, genuine and the indigenous people of Sabah will be given a wider chance to participate in the administration, management and bigger equity share in the economic pie in State through merit based selection process,” he explained.

Honorsius said Sabahans are more concerned about Federal Government agencies in the State that had eclipsed State agencies in the likes of FELDA/SLDB, RISDA/LIGS etc. What more of the Borneonisation issue?

“We are basically talking about the survival of the genuine and indigenous Sabahans within the Federation so they should be our (Sabahans) concern and not PBS.

“I opine and put it that Pairin or Maximus who had in one way or another played a part as to why thousands of Sabahans were left behind and why Sabahans need to look for jobs outside of Sabah despite the State having vast areas of land, natural resources, the best tourism sites and one of the largest oil and gas reserves in the Federation,” he added.

“These are the issues which Maximus put much concern instead of national integration or inter marriages of the ordinary Malaysians in Sabah but again, “what comes from the mouth comes from the heart” so I doubt Maximus had any thoughts about these issues,” he added.

Honorsius said he found it humourous to compare PBS and Warisan, as PBS is a party that is under the thumb of UMNO and PBS cannot even contest more than half of the State Assembly seats (as it did before).

Instead PBS has to accept what UMNO allocates them during the General Elections. Hence to even compare itself to Warisan is a paradox itself.