No Terminal For Putatan Mini Buses; Commuters Bear The Dilemma

Siambun standing where mini buses are parked by the roadside in Putatan. Where’s the proper terminal that the Barisan Nasional government was supposed to build?

PUTATAN: The haphazard state of public transportation in Sabah is evident in Putatan where the absence of a proper bus terminal has served to worsen traffic congestion.

Mini buses have to park alongside the road next to the train stop where there is also no shelter from the heat and rain for waiting passengers.

Commuters find it more convenient to board the buses parked at the roadside in front of the tamu ground despite this causing traffic jams.

In response to this problem, Parti Warisan Sabah has proposed to build a bus terminal in Putatan town should it come into power, for the convenience of commuters and mini bus drivers in the district.


Dullie Marie, the party’s Petagas co-ordinator, said the mini bus drivers should not be blamed for the traffic congestion because there is no proper terminal for them.

“Imagine the economic benefit to be enjoyed by the district if there is a proper bus terminal in town. It will serve as a gateway and information centre for those who want to visit places in Putatan such as the War Memorial and Mat Salleh’s fortress.

“This is more so since the Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) is located merely a stone’s throw away from Putatan. We shall then see an increase of Chinese tourists into the district,” he said.

Meanwhile, Terrence Siambun, the Chief Coordinator for Putatan Warisan, said the State government must prioritise the needs of low- and medium-income earners in the district by ensuring that they enjoy good public transportation services.

“I am a strong advocate of good public transportation because of my own working experience in the transportation sector, hence I have been speaking about the need to have a systematic and efficient public transportation many times in the past.

“I believe that if we have a good facility to complement a systematic and efficient public transportation, then we can help the low- and medium-income earners to save more and at the same time, significantly reduce the number of vehicles entering Kota Kinabalu city,” he said.

Siambun said he was shocked to learn from the mini bus drivers and commuters that they had been using the roadside for almost two years.

“I wonder if the Putatan District Office has actually informed Najib Razak of the necessity to have a proper bus terminal in Putatan and requested for the funding to build the terminal?

“Or does the sum of RM10 million promised last year for the renovation of the Putatan tamu ground also include the construction of the new bus terminal?” he asked.