No Road Access In Taman Putera Perdana, Telipok


KOTA KINABALU : The construction of the Pan Borneo Highway Work Package 08, badly affected residents, businesses and road users alike due to the mess left by contractors.

Residents of Taman Putera Perdana in Telipok urgently need another road access to their housing area as the present U-turn provided by contractors requires them to travel extra kilometers, therefore forcing residents to follow illegal route to reach home.

Warisan Sepanggar Chinese Community Advisor, Vincent Liew Majadil said according to the approved development plan, Taman Putera Perdana is supposed to have another road access through a junction along Jalan Kayu Madang.

However, this junction has yet to be built after more than 10 years.

“To ease the suffering of the residents of Taman Putera Perdana, it is high time for the authority to build a proper road access,” Vincent said in a statement released here today.

Vincent visited the affected housing area last month and was told that the residents are already communicating with the authorities concerned regarding the need for a road access.

However, when he visited Taman Putera Perdana again today, he found out that construction of the road access has not started.

Instead some contractors are seen laying electrical cables at the site.

“We urge the relevant authorities to take urgent measures to rectify this problem for the convenience of hundreds of residents before the Pan Borneo Highway project is completed. No more excuses and delay,” said Vincent.