No Need To Demonise Anyone Who Wants To Work With Warisan

Warisan is willing to work with anyone that shares its objectives.
Warisan is willing to work with anyone that shares its objectives.
Christopher Masudal
Christopher Masudal

LETTER: Shamsuddin Osman, the deputy president of Pertubuhan Perpaduan Rakyat Kebangsaan Sabah, seems selfish with his political agenda by demonizing anyone who wants to chart a new political landscape in Sabah.

I really don’t know why he (Shamsudin) is so visibly upset with Warisan for being in talks with several BN Sabah ‘young leaders’ who have expressed their interest to join Warisan and to work together with Warisan for the betterment of Sabah.

Could it be that he is pressurized because he finds it very hard for him to attract supporters the way that Warisan does?

I don’t know where he was during the GE13 but I am sure that we all remember quite well when several BN state leaders joined the opposition front in the likes of Lajim Ukin, Wilfred Bumburing and Maijol Mahap.


And I believe many of us never expected that ‘wishful thinking’ to happen but it did.

So, why demonize the current BN young leaders who wish to contribute to the formation of a new Sabah thru this new political movement known as Warisan?

If Shamsudin thinks that all State BN ‘young leaders’ are outcasts that must be ‘destroyed’ at all cost, then obviously he lacks strong leadership qualities and worst, that Sabahanism in us all.

When such leadership is absent, then there is no practicality at all on his part, rendering him to charge blindly during a battle to the detriment of his party. If that is the case, then I feel really sorry for him because it will be even harder for him to attract leaders from the BN camp.

But above all, Warisan welcomes wishes well to all in particular to the Saksama coalition who probably shares the Warisan pursuit in realizing the dream of making Sabah great once again.

  • Christopher says he is the special officer to deputy president of Parti Warisan Sabah, Darell Leiking