No More Refugees For Sabah, Vows Warisan; What Is Musa Aman’s stand?

Rohingya from Myanmar make their way in an alley at an unregistered refugee camp in Teknaf, near Cox’s Bazar, a southern coastal district about, 296 kilometers south of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

KOTA KINABALU: Parti Warisan Sabah wants the Chief Minister to officially confirm or deny if the State Government is going to allow the Rohingya refugees to enter the State.

Two senior Warisan officials said since Sarawak had already made its stand known – they will not take in any Rohingya although the Federal Government had agreed to accept the refugees – and they now want Musa Aman to state Sabah’s stand.


Junz Wong, the opposition party’s Vice President also asked what was the stand made by Sabah’s Federal Cabinet Ministers over the Rohingya refugee issue, and whether they have appropriately advised the Prime Minister on the matter.

“It does not matter whether the numbers of refugees to be accepted is small or not; as an equal partner in the Federation of Malaysia, Sabah should have been consulted on this matter before the announcement to accept these refugees was made.

“However, in view that a Federal Minister had made the announcement, then I reckon that this issue must already have been deliberated during the Federal Cabinet meeting,” Junz said in a statement on Thursday.

Junz, who is also Likas Assemblyman, said it is imperative that our State Government made its stand known now to the Federal Government.


In the same statement, Mohd Azis Jamman, the Ketua Wira Warisan Sabah said that in the interest of Sabahans, when Warisan forms the government, it would not accept any more refugees.

“Warisan’s stand is crystal clear,” he stressed. “What about BN Sabah Government under Musa?”

He said Warisan would focus on resolving the current situation of the many illegal immigrants already in the state and try to find a humane and long term solution that would benefit all as a whole.

Azis said that if Musa does not state his stand openly, and if the state government does not issue official statement on this issue and keep quiet, it would be a clear indication that Musa will bow to the demand of the federal government to accept the Rohingya refugees.

“Musa should also clear the long overdue illegal immigrant issue first before even talking about accepting this new group of refugees,” he added.

Meanwhile, Junz opined that the solution for the refugees and illegal immigrants in Sabah is not to spread it to the whole of the country because it will create a dangerous convention.

File photo of illegal immigrants caught in Sabah. Sabahans want this problem cleared up.

“I understand the feeling of frustration and desperation on the part of my fellow Sabahans relating to the existence of tens of thousands of refugees from Southern Philippines who first entered Sabah in the late 70s and who now believe that they are entitled to enjoy all the benefits.

“This was exacerbated by the influx of hundreds of thousands more illegal immigrants from that area and Indonesia and worst, 400,000 of them are alleged to have been granted Malaysian citizenship under the infamous ‘Projek IC’,” he said.

Junz also pointed out that apart from these refugees and illegal immigrants, Sabah is now facing another major headache relating to the existence of some 50,000 stateless children.

“But I don’t think that is the correct solution to ask the Federal Government to spread them all to all over Malaysia; by doing so, it will tie Sabah to the principle of ‘shared responsibility’ with other States when it comes to refugees, illegal immigrants and stateless people/kids simply because Sabah is an equal partner.

“If the Federal Government agrees to this suggestion, then we shall be asked to equally accept the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries,” Junz added.