No More Lain-Lain; USDA Demand Use Of Dusun In Official Forms

File photo of the Sazau Paina dance by the Dusun Tangaa' people of Sabah.
File photo of the Sazau Paina dance by the Dusun Tangaa’ people of Sabah.


LETTER: The United Sabah Dusun Association is hereby urging the Malaysian Government to officially use the term “Dusun” to refer to all the Dusunic speaking community in Sabah in all official forms and to immediately stop using the term “lain-lain.”

I am of the opinion that inserting the various ethnic races in government official forms will not burden the government financially, in fact, this will enhance the capacity of the various government department to identify the various races in Sabah.

At the same time, this will also help to ensure that the various ethnic identity will be retained, maintained and recognised.

Dr Ewon Ebin
Dr Ewon Ebin

The rational behind this call is that the term “Dusun” have been first used by the Dusunic speaking communities in Sabah and and used in earliest history books and other literature to refer to the Dusunic communities.

It is also enshrined in the Malaysian Constitution under Article 161 (A).

I am not very far from the truth in saying that USDA is one of the oldest, if not the oldest cultural and race-based association in Sabah having been established in 1961.

Its main objective is to maintain its racial and cultural identity and to bring this community to a higher level of achievement in cultural, economic and social development as well as to try to participate in the development of the State from its early days.

I am stating categorically that the term “Dusun” is in not in any way derogative as some people think of and it does not and will not hinder the community from moving forward in every field of endeavor.

Member of Parliament, Ranau

  • Dr. Ewon Ebin is also President of the United Sabah Dusun Association (USDA).