‘No Marriage So What Divorce’; Shafie Apdal Opines On PCS ‘About Turn’

Shafie Apdal was the main speaker at a Parti Warisan gathering in Sepanggar on Sunday. He reiterated the need for the people to be united in order to topple the BN.

KOTA KINABALU: Shafie Apdal will not be losing any sleep now that Parti Cinta Sabah has opted to work with Parti Kerjasama Anak Negeri (AN) to face the 14th general election.

The Parti Warisan Sabah president however denied that he had only offered six State seats to Wilfred Bumburing and wondered how the Tamparuli lawmaker derived at that figure.

“I spoke to Bumburing about working together to fight the Barisan Nasional in GE14 and he agreed on the need for cooperation,’ Shafie told reporters after a gathering in Sepanggar on Sunday.

“We were still in the midst of discussions and officially we have not agreed on how many seats PCS would get; but I did indicate that Warisan is a multi-racial party and I spoke on the need for a strong party to rule Sabah.


“I leave it to them now (whether to continue with talks); there was no engagement, no marriage so how can we divorce now.”

Shafie said he also told Bumburing and other PCS leaders that no single race – be it a Bajau, KadazanDusun or Chinese can win or rule Sabah alone

“But a united front can; the people of all races must be united (in an effort to topple the BN). I don’t believe in championing one race only. Warisan is a party for all Sabahans,” he stressed.

“What’s important is to topple BN and Umno so that the state government is administered by Sabahans and a local party.”

Shafie said it was unfair that only KDM parties contest the KDM seats, as suggested by the PCS-AN pact, as he had to protect the interest of the KDM leaders in Warisan.

“What am I to do with my Darell Leiking, my deputy, and Peter Anthony, my vice-president, who are also KDM leaders?” he posed.

A section of the crowd who attended the Parti Warisan gathering at Sepanggar.

“There are also Terrence Siambun, Loreto Padua, Crispin Kitingan, Jake Nointien and Justin Alip among others. I need to field them too.

“So if PCS wants to contest in all 22 KDM seats, surely that is not fair as even Pakatan Harapan parties have KDM candidates.”

Shafie said he doesn’t know how Bumburing arrived at the figure of six seats, saying he was also mystified as to how Bumburing even got to know his PCS was getting six seats.

“Nothing has been finalised yet,” said Shafie in reference to any electoral pact by Warisan as well as PCS and the PH parties, adding that in Sarawak, PBB (Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu) holds 50 of the 80 seats and ‘their voice is loud’.

The Semporna federal lawmaker said he was open to negotiations with any opposition party but Warisan’s policy is not to engage with people who are BN-friendly, adding he needed to be cautious when working with other parties.

Bumburing, left, with Henrynus Amin.

“I’m not accusing any of them, but don’t forget I still have my sources and I know what’s happening,” he added.

When announcing PCS’ pact with AN last Friday, Bumburing said Shafie had advised PCS to take only six state seats while PH components could take the rest.

Shafie also called for a halt to the accusations against him and Warisan on their sincerity as an opposition party, saying all bullets should be targeted at BN, which is the real enemy of the opposition parties.

After being cosy with Warisan, Bumburing came out with a scathing attack saying no party should contest more than half the seats. It was obviously targeted at Warisan.

Last Friday, Bumburing announced that his PCS was willing to work with the Henrynus Amin-led AN, and both parties signed a pact to contest in about 22 KDM seats.


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