Newly-Born Baby Found Abandoned At ‘Kelapa Bakar’ Stall Near Salut

Policemen and medical personnel taking a closer look at the surprise find in the bag along Jalan Salut on Monday afternoon. – Photo credit PDRM Kota Kinabalu

TUARAN: A new-born baby, with ant bites near its mouth and the sides of the eyes, was found abandoned in a zip-up bag by a businessman operating a food and beverage stall along Jalan Salut- Kelapa Bakar near here Monday noon.

The man was first alerted to the baby when he was told by his child that the bag near their tall had moved. He told police he had spotted the bag earlier when he came to open up his business but did not suspect anything suspicious.

City police chief, Assistant Commissioner M Chandra in a statement Monday said the man told police that he was shocked to see the baby after he open the bag, and quickly moved it from the dirty surroundings and under the sun.

“The baby was quite weak when he was recovered but is now in stable condition at the Tuaran district hospital where it is undergoing treatment,” said Chandra.

“The medical officer there said that the baby has contracted a viral infection as it was left in a dirty location which was also infested with ants, but the condition is not worrisome.”

The medical officer also confirmed that the baby was just born before it was abandoned.

The person who made the discovery told police the baby was weak as it hardly made any sound when he moved the bag to a safer place.

Chandra said no suspects have been hauled up as yet.

He urged witnesses or those with any information relating to the case to contact the nearest police station or the investigating officer, Inspector Nur Shajida Binti Shara di talian 017-7240402