New Government Must Approve The 13 New State Seats Which BN Failed To Do

Parti Bersatu Sabah Secretary-General Datuk Johnny Mositun


PAPAR: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad must present the Election Commission’s proposal for the 13 new state constituencies for Sabah in the current sitting of Parliament as a matter of urgency.

Failure to do so will invalidate the redelineation proposed for Sabah by the Elections Commission, Parti Bersatu Sabah Secretary-General, Datuk Johnny Mositun said.

Under the Elections Act, the proposal for redelineation must be presented and endorsed within two years, failing which it becomes invalid.

“This means the EC’s proposal, which was presented to the then Prime Minister some time ago will automatically lapse if it is not presented to Parliament by this August,” he said in a statement Monday.

Mositun said the former Prime Minister, Najib Razak, was expected to present the EC’s proposed redelineation for Sabah together with that for the states in Peninsular in the last Parliamentary sitting before GE14.

“That was not done. Inquiries with the EC turned up a blank. All their officials would say was the EC had done its work and the rest was up to the Prime Minister.

“In the end only the redelineation of electoral boundaries for Peninsular Malaysia was presented in Parliament and approved just before GE14. The proposals for Sabah were not, and no explanation has been forthcoming,” Mositun said.

Mositun, a former Deputy Speaker of the State Assembly, said the redelineation proposal had been passed by the State Legislative Assembly, assented to by the Yang Dipertua Negeri, gazetted and the State Constitution amended to accommodate 73 seats.

“It is a gross insult and injustice to Sabah that the formality of placing this EC report before Parliament has yet to be done after almost two years,” Mositun said.

Mositun also said PBS was heartened to know that a Cabinet Committee had been set up to examine issues related to the Malaysia Agreement 1963 in the wake of growing resentment in Sabah and Sarawak towards the Central Government over the erosion of state rights, autonomy and general administrative and economic hegemony by Peninsular Malaysia over the two eastern states.

“We hold the PH Government to its pre-election promises to respect and honor MA63 and reinstate our rights and autonomy. PBS is not aligned to anyone, and we will speak without fear or favour,” Mositun added.