Naming New State Constituency “Sungai Manila” Improper

Edward Mujie
Edward Mujie

The new state constituency named by the Election Commission (SPR) as “Sungai Manila” sounds inappropriate.

The name seems connected to the Philippines, and it should not appear as one of the Sabah state constituency name. It should have no connection with Manila or the Philippines. This is solely for the reason that we must maintain the identity and sovereignty of Sabah and Malaysia as a whole.

There are many other more appropriate names that can be used for the particular constituency. By using the word “Manila” seems that we are connected to the Philippines, especially in the state assembly and government that the word will be mentioned repeatedly. It doesn’t sound right in the first place.

I urge the Election Commission to change the proposed new state constituency name of “Sg. Manila” into something more appropriate name and reflective of the area concerned, as this can lead to many misinterpretation and misunderstanding.

Edward Ewol Mujie
September 22, 2016

  • Edward is the advisor to the MCA Luyang state assemblyman Hiew King Cheu and he is also an UPKO member.