Najib Has Given Sabah More Money Than His Predecessors, Says Musa

Some 67 leaders from various ethnic groups in Sabah make their pledge in support of the government at a United Ethnic Bumiputera Council event in Kota Kinabalu Friday. The Prime Minister announced a RM10,000 allocation to each ethnic association.

KOTA KINABALU: Najib Razak has allocated more money to develop Sabah than the two prime ministers before him, Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman said.

He said more than RM10.2 billion was allocated to Sabah through the the Rural and Regional Development Ministry alone in the nine years Najib has been prime minister.

“The increase in allocation is most obvious during his administration, compared with the prime ministers before him.

“In the Eighth Malaysia Plan under the Mahathir administration, only RM1.42 billion was allocated (to Sabah) while in the Ninth Malaysia Plan under the Abdullah Badawi administration, only RM2.48 billion was allocated.


“But under Najib, already RM7.6 billion has been allocated in the 10th Malaysia Plan.

“And while we have yet to see the end of the 11th Malaysia Plan, already RM10.2 billion has been allocated through the ministry,” he said at Majlis Perhimpunan Perdana at the state administrative building in Kota Kinabalu, Friday.

Najib, Sabah state secretary Sukarti Wakiman and state cabinet ministers were present.

Sabah received even more from the federal government if all the allocations via the various ministries were to be taken into account, said Musa.

“Only Najib knows that Sabah requires a huge allocation as it is the second largest state in Malaysia, after Sarawak.

“And because he is concerned about Sabah, he has given the most allocation to Sabah.” – Jason Santos/