Must Be Feeling The Heat, Robert Tawik Forced To Twist And Turn?

KOTA KINABALU: STAR Vice President Robert Tawik is surely ‘feeling the heat’ and forced to ‘twist and turn’ for his president Jeffrey Kitingan.

Wirawati Deputy Chief Jo-Anna HenleyRampas (photo) in a statement on Sunday responding to the Bingkor State Assemblyman, said Robert’s reference to Don Quixote is yet another sign of STAR’s penchant to ‘twist and turn’ in order to snake their way out of a sticky situation.

“See, the issue today is Kitingan’s habit of forgetting his past political positions. That is why people are calling him a frog, or more eloquently, suffering from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome.”

The Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome represents one who has a dual personality disorder that alternates based on circumstances. It is a popular English novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886 that has been incorporated into the Malaysian education system for form three students.

“In October 2018, Jeffrey who then played the role of Dr. Jekyll said the IMM13 is irrelevant. A month prior to that in July 2018, Jeffrey as Dr. Jekyll also proclaimed in the Sabah State Assembly that the IMM13 has been misused to dish out ICs and MyKads to foreigners.”


“Yet today after pledging support to Muhyiddin Yassin and the PN-led Federal Government, he becomes Mr. Hyde to claim that the IMM13 is the best solution to the PTI woes in Sabah.”

“In 2019, the then Home Minister Muhyiddin unilaterally announced the PSS. Jeffrey as Dr. Jekyll vehemently objected it. He even organised the black shirt protests. Remember?”

“When Musa Aman was Chief Minister, Jeffrey was very critical of his administration. Those were Jeffrey’s days as Dr. Jekyll.”

“Post May 2018, Jeffrey has become Mr. Hyde. He supported Musa Aman as Chief Minister in exchange for a Deputy Chief Ministership. Now with Musa’s ongoing court trials, Jeffrey and STAR are even throwing their support behind Musa.”

Jo-Anna who is also political secretary to the Chief Minister added, maybe Robert Tawik too agrees that his President is suffering from dual personality complexes.

“Robert’s reply is nothing more than an attempt to twist and turn. He did not deny any of the things I said. Instead he tried to move the goalposts and divert the topics.”

“I can only say that this looks very much like an indirect admission from Robert Tawik that his President Jeffrey indeed suffers from Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde syndrome.”