Musa Cries Grave Illness In Latest Excuse To Avoid Returning Home


KOTA KINABALU: It looks like former Chief Minister Musa Aman will not be attending next week’s two-day sitting of the Sabah State Legislative Assembly.

In a statement released by Musa’s officials late Thursday, they said they were releasing the contents of the ousted Chief Minister’s letter dated 30th of July 2018 and addressed to the Speaker of the Sabah Legislative Assembly.
The statement in full: –

Further to recent media coverage appearing in the New Straits Times portal dated the 5th of August 2018, concerning the deadline within which Tan Sri Musa Haji Aman and his son Yamani Hafez are to take their respective oaths as members of the Sabah Legislative Assemby (sic) and the Federal Parliament respectively.

1. Tan Sri Musa has informed the Speaker that he is and has been undergoing a series of medical treatments (sic) and tests for which he was hospitalised and where it is unsafe and ruinous to health for him to travel.

2. Tan Sri Musa is currently awaiting the results of the numerous medical tests, diagnosis, as well as his future prognosis in respect of his immediate condition in order to determine first, his medical needs and second when it may be safe for him to endure the long flight back to Sabah.

3. Specifically, Tan Sri’s doctors must determine the best way in which to plan his future regime of treatment in addition to making plans for his future care once he returns to Sabah.

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4. The documents in support of Tan Sri’s serious medical condition have been forwarded to the Speaker for his consideration.

5. Tan Sri Musa at present, through the advice of his medical doctors, has indicated that he is physically unfit to travel and that any such travel is injurious to his health. Accordingly and in such circumstances, Tan Sri Musa has expressed his deep regret that he may be unable to be physically in Sabah for the purposes of taking his oath in the State Assembly.

6. However, Tan Sri Musa has sought from the Honourable Speaker a special dispensation and an extension of time be sworn in on medical grounds where the absolute discretion to grant the same rests with the Speaker.

7. The Speaker has been made fully aware of Tan Sri Musa’s grave medical condition. Further, Tan Sri has given his undertaking to update the Speaker and moreover has offered to extend a full medical report to the Speaker in the event that he requires the same.

Tan Sri Musa takes this opportunity to thank all well-wishers and everyone who has prayed for him and for his safe and speedy recovery. Tan Sri Musa also assures everyone that he will be returning soon and that he will be and is fit to take up his rightful and lawful position as Chief Minister of Sabah.

Lead Counsel for Tan Sri Musa Haji Aman
August 9, 2018

• This statement was sent to the media via whatsapp