Moyog River Pollution; Enough Of Rhetoric, Siambun Tells Minister

The Moyog river. Masidi Manjun wants those who pollute this river to be booked. – Internet photo

PENAMPANG: Terrence Siambun has rubbished the call by the State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister to relevant government agencies and departments to carry out a firm and effective action to stop Moyog River pollution problem.

The State Assemblyman for Moyog said Masidi Manjun’s call was nothing but mere attempt to hide the fact that greed and political interference have caused the government bodies in the State to become ineffective and inefficient.

In a statement Siambun pointed it out that the villagers at Kampung Togudon have been complaining for almost three years now about a controversial duck farm project at that place.

“I believe Masidi is fully aware of the said project and I want to ask him, as a State Minister in charge of the environment, what has he done?


The villagers have complained; a group of influential Penampang folks is planning to sue the culprit, a certain BN Penampang leader had said he will settle the issue and I myself had brought the issue numerous times in media and State Assembly.

“The answer I received was, “Kerajaan akan mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya…” (The government will take the appropriate action).

“On top of that, the Environment Department had fined the culprit with the Lands and Surveys Department confiscating his hill-clearing machinery, and yet to-date, he still happily operates his farm at the same place.”

“And we have Masidi calling on our government agencies to take firm action against those who pollute the Moyog river, which I believe must and shall include that culprit at Kampung Togudon.

Your own department had already fined the culprit but he still stubbornly operate the farm so by all means, Masidi, you must now tell your Chief Minister about this matter!” Siambun lashed out.

Pang Yuk Ming, who read out Masidi Manjun’s speech at the ‘Pesta Rakit Peringkat Daerah Penampang 2017’ on Sunday release fish fry into the heavily polluted river. Luvita Koisun, the District Officer, is seen third from left.

He said Masidi should stop talking and take action.

That is why as a solution to this ineffective administrative and governance due to greed or political interference, upon forming the new State Government, Warisan will not allow its elected representatives to hold more than one post,” he explained it.

The choice is up to the Moyog folks whether they want impartial and effective State Administration that will see all the issues that directly affect their daily livelihood such as drainage, hill cutting and so on be attended or continue to be stucked in the conundrum of ineffective and hopeless BN Sabah governance, he concluded.