Most Labuan Food Premises Comply With Plastic Straw Ban

LABUAN: Most of the eateries operators in the duty-free-island here are in full compliance with the ban on the use of plastic drinking straws which was took effect on Jan 1, 2020.

Awareness campaigns on the negative effects of using the conventional plastic straws had been held throughout 2019 until the ban was enforced beginning early this year.

Federal Territories Ministry Strategic Development Division secretary Lokman Jaaman said based on an integrated operation in the food premises at Financial Park Complex and in downtown, only fewer have not complied with the ban.

“We have issued notice of reminder to those who have not complied with the ban, as it is the ministry’s friendly approach of educating the operators to slowly abide by the rules,” he said to reporters after the operation at the Financial Park Complex here today.     

He said only straws made from biodegradable material (as recommended and approved by the local authorities) or paper could be used instead of conventional plastic straws.

Lokman reminded those who are still found to have not complied with the ban are liable to a compound of RM300.

“Changing people’s mindset and behaviour was a gradual process but out ministry is determined to start now by using this approach to reduce and eventually eliminate single-use plastic products.

“Our aim is to change people’s habit of using plastic drinking straws…and we are glad people have become used to bringing their recyclable or cloth bags when they go shopping and some even use biodegradable bags for their groceries,” he said.