Mositun: Henrynus’ Departure Not A Surprise, But What’s His Real Agenda

PENAMPANG: Parti Bersatu Sabah is not totally surprised at Henrynus Amin’s departure as he had been distancing himself from the leadership since three years ago, with PBS secretary-general Johnny Mositun pointing out that his predecessor’s statement was not entirely true.

According to Mositun, it is also needless to speculate on what Henrynus’ real agenda is, and with so many opposition parties now in Sabah squabbling over almost every issue, each is trying ‘out-champion’ the other.


He said that anything is possible with Henrynus, who was one time Member of Parliament for Kinabalu (then Ranau), as he could join the opposition ranks or eventually back the BN.

But Mositun said he was duty-bound to point out that some things in the press statement attributed to Henrynus need to be corrected, especially the insinuations that PBS had deviated from the noble ‘original’ objectives of its founders.

“If Henrynus was implying that PBS had abandoned its struggle or deviated from its ‘original’ objectives by re-joining the Barisan Nasional and was not fighting for KDM interests, then it is totally misleading and unfounded.”


“Let’s be clear on this. PBS was not founded to oppose Kuala Lumpur or the Barisan Nasional,” said Mositun who replaced Henrynus as secretary general after he failed in his bid for the deputy presidency of the party (against Maximus Ongkili).

In a statement Thursday, he said PBS was founded to oppose the dictatorial Berjaya regime and to stand up for the rights of all Sabahans as equals under the Malaysian sun. That was and still is the main agenda of PBS.

Mositun said it is well known what PBS feels in its stand on Sabah rights, religious freedom, autonomy, revenues and natural resources, citizenship and illegal immigrants.

He said PBS would not engage in an unnecessary ‘charge and counter charge’ game with PAKAR and Henrynus but would instead focus on strengthening the party and prepare for the coming general election to defend the BN seats.

Mositun also disclosed that Henrynus had yet to send in his official resignation letter though he was notified through Whatsapp on April 29, with Henrynus saying the letter would be sent after the May 1 holiday.

Henrynus had on Monday announced in a statement that he had taken up the presidency of Parti Kerjasama Rakyat Sabah (PAKAR) and was relinquishing his position in MNC and also resigning from PBS of which he had been a member since 1986.

He won the Kinabalu (now Ranau) Parliamentary seat in 1995 on a PBS ticket and served as PBS Secretary General from 2009-2013.