More than 2,000 residents from Luyang received aid – Phoong

KOTA KINABALU: A team led by Luyang’s Community Development Leader, Mr Chin Thau Kwong has been reaching out to the poor and needy in Luyang to ensure that they have sufficient food to get through this difficult period under MCO.

State Assemblyman for Luyang, Phoong Jin Zhe stated that food aid including some other basic necessities have been given out for the past two days. The areas covered includes Kampung Kopungit and Kapayan Ridge for now.

“For the moment being, in Kg Kopungit 250 unit of houses has benefited from this food aid. Whereas 368 unit of households in Kapayan Ridge received these food aids. The food aid includes packed rice, sugar, cooking oil, packed mee and etc.”

“I am deeply concerned about my people during this movement control order period. We hope to assist them by providing basic food aids so they will not suffer from hunger while we fight against COVID-19 together.”

” We understand we need to move faster to assist more people within Luyang but we hope that the people remain calm and we will approach you soon. The food distribution will be segregated into phases so don’t worry about not receiving.”

Phoong feels regretful that for the moment being each household will receive only one pack of food aid.

“I understand and acknowledge that residents living in these lower expenses flats are the most vulnerable and affected group during this MCO period. I hope that we can lessen their burdens by providing them some food aid.”

“We understand some houses fit more than a family and one pack might not be enough for them. We will observe and adapt from time to time to ensure everyone is assisted.”

Phoong also stated that his team will be going to more areas within Luyang in the next few days. “We will certainly reach out to all Luyang residents and try to accommodate their needs.”

“I understand and relate to those who suffer financially from this MCO period and I wish to be there with them and help them to get through this tough time together. We will move to Foh Sang, Lintas, Jindo and other areas around Luyang after this.”

He also then expressed his sincere gratitude towards his team led by Mr Chin Thau Kwong, Ms Josephine and other volunteers.