More Effective Delivery System Needed To Serve Sabahan Well

KOTA KINABALU: Parti Warisan candidate for P.172 Kota Kinabalu, Amanda Yeo Yan Yin rushed from her walkabout at Lido Square yesterday morning to inspect a landslide at Kampung Kopungit here, caused by heavy rain.

During the site visit, Amanda noticed that the situation was serious and she immediately contacted the person in charge of the natural disaster management department to lodge a complaint, and she also requested immediate action to be taken.

The landslide has affected the entry and exit route of many residents where two houses are seriously affected.

Currently, some canvases are temporarily being used to cover the affected area at the two houses’ compounds as precaution measures.

The landslides had affected the residents daily activities including going to church and school.

Amanda hopes the authority can speed up the remedial works and deal with it immediately as lives are at stake.

Amanda commented that when she called the department in charge of natural disasters, the department took too long to response, hence the efficiency of the staff on duty needs to be improved. When her call was finally connected, it was transferred from one department to another department.

“This kind of emergency services should not happen in the first place.This will cause tragedy to worsen, this is unforgivable,” she said in a statement released here today.

After this experience, Amanda stated that she is more determined to change Sabah and fully support Warisan Party President Datuk Seri Panglima Shafie Apdal’s perseverance in regaining Sabah’s autonomy.

Amanda hopes Sabahans will not be deceived by rhetoric or empty promises by West Malaysia based parties again.

“How do the West Malaysian based parties can help Sabahans?” she asked.

“Hence, Sabahans need to be strong and united to reset Sabah and fight for Sabah’s rightful authority.

In the case of calling 999 during emergency, whereby the current procedure requires the call to be transferred to West Malaysia and reverted back is of utmost inefficient.

Amanda hopes that with the mission Keys of 4E, a more effective government system can be implemented to serve Sabahan well.