Mojingol’s Attack On Community Leaders A Blatant Lie, Regrettable


KOTA KINABALU: The statement by Mr Cleftus Mojingol, the president of Pertubuhan Kebudayaan Rumpun Dayak Sabah made on September 10, 2019, is indeed regrettable as it is a mere figment of his imagination. Where he got his facts from, only he knows, but they are very wrong.

More than 90 per cent of the appointments for Ketua Daerah, Ketua Anak Negeri, Wakil Ketua Anak Negeri, Ketua Kampung as well as Ketua Masyarakat Cina have been appointed.

Out of 3,965 vacancies for these positions, 3,430 have been filled and the appointees have started working.

As such, to say that after more than one year, the government is yet to appoint chairmen of MPKK and Ketua Kampung is an outright lie.

There are some positions which remain vacant for now as the appointed persons declined the job for reasons known only to them, while some were slow to respond. Their replacements have since been found and they too will start work soon.

There are also circumstances in certain districts which previously had, for eg. two Ketua Daerah. This has since stopped.

For Mojingol to accuse the government of not paying these grassroots leaders, he must have woken up from a very bad dream and got his facts, once again, all wrong.

Almost all the appointees have already received their salaries and arrears, while those who did not get paid earlier,were those who failed to give full particulars, including their bank accounts, and this made it hard for the Treasury to pay them.

They too will be paid by the end of the month.

YB Datuk Hashim Paijan
Sabah State Secretary