Mobile Recycling-One Stop Centre To Upcycle Plastics

KOTA KINABALU: Malaysia committed to caring for the environment when it adopted the Sustainable Development Goals and we are proud of our environmental conservation efforts in Sabah.

Our environment is not only the core for tourism in Sabah but also ensures the well-being of the people.

“The event today at Kampung Kapazan launched the Mobile Recycling Centre (MRC) to collect HDPE and LDPE plastic from the public and upcycle them in this one-stop centre” said Jannie Lasimbang, ADUN Kapayan.

“The MRC is a joint initiative by Gaya Belian, EZ Plast, Upcycled Shack, Oona and the ADUN Kapayan office, and supported by various government agencies including DBKK and the Penampang District Council.

Datuk Yeo Boon Hai represented Marina Harris from Gaya Belian, a local corporation that sponsored the MRC. He said that recycling and environmental awareness is a long-term effort and must start with families and communities.

Adrian Lasimbang from Tonibung explained about the initiative and how the different groups involved are working together to make this initiative successful.

Also present at the launch are representatives from DBKK and DBKK Love Clean KK, Zero Waste Sabah, Kivatu Nature Farm, and social entreprise such as Blue Hope, To Earth With Love.

“I urge the government to initiate collaborative upcycling programmes involving communities, and to ensure district and municipal councils hasten the implementation of the recently adopted solid waste management enactment that will make a huge impact on people’s well-being and the future of our societies and even develop a circular economy,” Jannie said.

“I am continuing the vision of Environmental Sustainability for Kapayan, and being able to bring communities, schools and NGOs together to be involved in the environment has been amazing. They get to learn about upcycling and turn plastics into objects like durable products and micro-hydro components”.

“We have long known that the plastic waste problem is a huge environmental issue that requires big picture thinking and to innovate upcycling in a unique way. Having a project that allows upcycling and making plastics into useful things is better than letting them end in our ever-growing landfills. Many plastic materials that we use daily are harmful to the entire ecosystem”.

“My Kapayan ADUN office through the Team Alam Sekitar Kapayan (TASK) is in this project to spread awareness especially in Penampang through an ongoing campaign in housing and villages as well as through the media to urge residents to collect these plastic and sell them at the MRC.  Ideas for the upcycled materials by the Upcycled Shack and Ez Plast are very innovative and contemporary, while TONIBUNG has been designing and maintaining the machines” Jannie added.

“The public can bring HDPE (no 2) and LDPE (no 4) plastic to the MRC during weekdays and saturday. Clean plastic will be bought at 30 cents per kg plus 5000 points. the points can be accumulated and exchanged with food items.

“Plastic pollution is slowly eating up our mother earth and there is still a lot of ignorance about the harms from plastic. I am happy that many NGOS are dedicated to organize this environment activity to attract the interest of the public and to develop ideas on the management and benefits of upcycling plastics. This will be an extension of the efforts I have made over the last 3 years on waste segregation together with another NGO, Tzu Chi Foundation,”.