Miri Lawmaker Offers GST Rebates On Sunday; Not An April Fool Joke

DR MICHAEL TEO with PKR leaders and supporters.

MIRI: Dr Michael Teo, the Miri Member of Parliament is setting up a counter outside Teo’s Clinic here this Sunday to give rebates for GST on food and sundry bills purchased on 1 April 2018.

This is a PKR-Miri effort in the Pakatan Harapan national campaign to call for the abolishment of GST, according to a statement issued by the party Saturday.

Revealing the details of the “GST-rebate Counter” to be set up, Teo said that he will rebate the GST levied on the food bills and purchases of sundries which are shown on each bill issued on Sunday which is below RM150.00.

The counters are opened from 11.00am to 3.00pm.

“Since the levy of GST in Malaysia on 1 April 2015, the people have been made poorer,” he pointed out.

“Those in the lower and middle income families are the worst affected. Their incomes cannot keep up with the increase of the food and sundry bills and their quality of life has been lowered.”

Dr Teo added: “GST should not have been levied in Malaysia.”

“For the last decade, Malaysia had been plagued by leakages and wastages in public expenditure due to poor governance, and there has been no effort to arrest those problems. Instead, the federal government turned to tax on all Malaysians to fund their wasteful spending and leakages.”

He said with the coming of the 14th General Election, the Pakatan Harapan coalition of which PKR is a component party, has agreed to abolish GST within a 100 days if the coalition is voted to whelm the federal government.

He said the coalition is committed to government institutional changes and we are to address the issues of corruption, leakages and wastages in public spending.

“There is no need to burden all Malaysians with the GST regime if we have good governance,” Dr Teo said, encouraging Mirians to meet him and PKR state leaders at their GST-rebate counters set up in Miri this Sunday, to have better understanding of the Pakatan Harapan anti-GST pledge and their national Manifesto.