MERS 999 Failure: GRS Must Take Responsibility


KOTA KINABALU: Warisan has called upon GRS to take full responsibility, following a second fatal incident over MERS 999’s failure.

Samuel Wong who is Warisan’s Luyang Branch Chief said, this is the second public outcry following another death in September last year.

“When is the GRS govt going to wake up to immediately address this important MERS999 issue?”

“How many more lives will be taken due to this illogical, irresponsible, inefficient emergency call system?”

“Why cant GRS immediately set up its own MERS999 centre like what Sarawak did after last September’s incident?”

Samuel added, GRS should have had its priorities right instead of spending millions on billboard advertisements to boost its image.

“Does it cost a lot to set up our own Sabah MERS 999 centre? GRS is willing to spend millions on unnecessary Sabah Maju Jaya billboards, yet cannot get its priorities right on Sabahans’ lives which matters more.”

“What kind of Sabah Maju Jaya is Sabah getting when we cannot even have our own emergency call centre to immediately dispatch ambulances, bomba and the police in the event of an emergency?”

“We live in the 21st century and we are still dealing with this absurd issue?”

“The same cause of delay in this ridiculous system had caused the deaths of a family of four in a Penampang fire last September.”

For the record, Warisan had in September 2021 came out strongly condemning the illogical and ineffective MERS 999 system which resulted in the delay in dispatching the Bomba to the fire scene.

“A delay in just mere minutes cost Sabah 4 precious lives. And yet the GRS govt never learned from this unfortunate and unwarranted incident.”

Elaborating on Federal-State relations, Samuel contended that Federal Ministers representing Sabah should be more proactive as the Federal Government has constantly displayed a lackadaisical attitude towards Sabah’s needs.

“It is an open secret that the Federal Government is not sensitive towards the urgent needs of Sabahans. Sabah is always left behind in all sorts of development.”

“But what have our Federal Ministers done all these while?”

“Are they sleeping on the job and enjoying their fat salaries and perks inside their air-con offices, while Sabahans’ lives are lost?”

“These millions of ringgit can easily be used to set up our own emergency call centres, build more roads, bridges and other infrastructures which are badly needed in Sabah.”

“GRS government must take responsibility to address the dire needs of Sabahans.”

“Act now before another precious life is lost?”