Merdeka Day!!! Lying About It Will Never Make It The Truth

COMMENT: Without exception, each year on August 31, we are required to celebrate the Nation’s Independence Day. It is provided so in the Federal Constitution under Article 160 (2) that:

“Merdeka Day” means the thirty-first day of August, nineteen hundred and fifty-seven;

This means that the Federal Constitution provides that we celebrate “Merdeka Day” on the 31 of August without fail every year. Today we are told we are celebrating “National Day”. This, was perhaps to consider that according to Article 1(1) of the Federal Constitution, the Federation of Malaya is named Malaysia, approved on the 20 August 1963 by the (then) Malayan Parliament.


Is this the truth? Or just lies made by the United Malay National Organisation (UMNO). Just to justify that it was UMNO that fought for the independence of this Malaya, and that it was their effort and sacrifice should be remembered for eternity.

Lying about it for more than six decades will never make it the truth. A lie is a lie, and once it is exposed, it makes those that had sacrificed their time, wealth and lives for it, meaningless and all in vain.

Similarly, we find that there is no “Malaysia Day” – given a definition in the Federal Constitution. “Malaysia Day” may be referenced by a number of Articles in the Federal Constitution, yet, the proper definition of “Malaysia Day” was never given in the Federal Constitution.

In 2010, it was made a public holiday by the then Prime Minister, through an executive order, not by Constitutional amendment in Parliament.

“Malaysia Day” or 16 September 1963 is part of the Malaysia Agreement 1963. This amendment to the Malaysia Agreement 1963 came about on the 28 August 1963 in Singapore. By not acknowledging this date as “Malaysia Day” the Federal Government breached the Malaysia Agreement 1963 itself.

How is it that Malaya becomes independent, when Malaya was never colonized by the British? Evidence of this is very clear and it comes from the archives of the Malaysia Parliament itself. (please refer to parliamentary Hansard Volume V No.18, 2 November 1963 page 1891).

Where Sir John Barlow, M.P. (Conservative) (Leader of the Delegation from the United Kingdom House of Commons) in his speech to the newly opened Malaysia Parliament when presenting the Speaker’s Chair, a present from the British Parliament, a symbol of Parliamentary Government, he said, and I quote:

“It is interesting to note that in 1874, when Sir Frank was a young man, he received a letter, copy of which I have seen, from the Sultan of Selangor.

“In that letter the Sultan offered the sum of $1,000 a month, and promised to enter into an agreement.

“The result of this offer was the request from your Sultans for the assistance of the British in the collection of taxes, and the administration and protection of your States.

The Federal States of Malaya were never Colonies, because we were invited as expert advisers to initiate a modem system of Government.”

Emphasis added

“The youth of this country will ask, why do we need to perpetuate the lies made by UMNO, did we not sweep them from power in May 2018? Malaysia Baru should have the courage to right “what is wrong” and not continue with it.

Malaysia Baru should have the courage to amend the Federal Constitution to include the provision defining “Malaysia Day”.

How can the youth of this country call themselves Malaysians when there is no provision in the Federal Constitution to acknowledge there is “Malaysia Day”

* Zainnal Ajamain is an activist and has done much homework on MA63. He wears many hats and is also author of the Queen’s Obligation and has done extensive research on Sabah/North Borneo