MCO: 200 Families In Api-Api Get Food Aid

KOTA KINABALU: Api-Api State Assemblywoman Datuk Christina Liew provided food aid to some 200 families in three villages today, who are affected by the movement control order (MCO).

A hundred families in Kampung Lokurai, Pulau Gaya were first to receive the aid today followed by 64 families in Kampung Sabang Numbak, and Kampung Bukit Bendera with 28 families.

“They will be locked in over the weekend, so we decided to quickly give them so that the aid can be distributed amongst the kampong people.

“I was made to understand that other groups are also giving aid to Pulau Gaya due to the large population there,” she said when met by reporters at the Sabah Parks Jetty here, after handing over food aid for the islanders.

According to Liew, giving the aid to the respective village representatives is preferable to getting all the villagers to come out because it could result in large crowds.

“As they have no access to public transport, the aid will be handed to two or three of their representatives who will then distribute it door to door.

“We will continue (to distribute aid) for the next few days… It is a difficult time for the people, especially those who are in the remote areas and without proper transportation,” she said.

The deputy chief minister also said the government will monitor the situation to determine any further assistance.

“We will see from time to time… We don’t know if there will be any more extension of the MCO after April 14. It depends on how this virus is going.”

She asserted that her team will be committed to assist those affected if the situation does not recover.

“I am prepared to go further – second round, third round – to engage with them and assist them. We are willing; this is part of our job,” Liew emphasised.