MCA Sabah Hails State Budget As Being Supportive Of Chinese Community

KOTA KINABALU: Dr Pamela Yong, Chairman of MCA Women Kota Kinabalu branch has hailed the State Budget 2018, describing it as a ‘caring-and-people-friendly’ budget.

She especially commended Musa Hj Aman, the Chief Minister-cum-Finance Minister for maintaining the RM32 mil annual allocations for the Chinese schools and non-Muslim religious organisations in the state.


“This certainly reflected well on the State government’s policy of inclusiveness and unwavering support for the Chinese community of Sabah,” she said in a statement.

On the projected surplus of RM64.89 million in the State Budget, which is almost double the previous amount of RM32 million, Dr Pamela said this demonstrated Musa’s prowess and prudence in economy, finance and resource management which ensured a proper and effective use of public funds to benefit the people.

She was convinced that the State government under Musa’s stewardship would be able to continue to bring about greater economic development to benefit the people.

She further noted that the budgeted expenditure of RM4.104 billion demonstrated that the State government has not neglected the people’s welfare, as part of the money will be spent to uplift the people’s standard of living, besides helping the unfortunate and the needy.

Dr Pamela also hoped that the State government could make good use of the RM1.246 billion of petroleum royalty received this year to implement economic development programs to help boost the people’s income.

She also hailed the theme for the Budget ‘Strengthening the Economy, Prospering the People’, describing it as a fitting reflection of the State government’s sincerity and conviction towards developing the state and caring for the people.