Max, You Discriminate Non-voters!


COMMENT: Ex-Minister Maximus Ongkili, please enlighten us as to how have PBS been discriminating those who didn’t vote for you in the past?

I am utterly disappointed and I’m wondering whether the #2 from PBS was confused or that he failed to realize that Sabahans wanted CHANGE so badly in the recent 14th GE?


PBS’ Maximus Ongkili is blaming UPKO for the lack of support for BN? I suggest that he should just blame all the Sabahans for his missing CM-designate. That is easier and in fact, more convenient.

I am utterly surprised to also read that Maximus is saying that the current state government is discriminating Sabahans who didn’t vote for Warisan+PH. Did the PBS government discriminate and did injustice to those who didn’t vote for BN in the past?

I urge the former minister to please explain how could any government of the day selectively implement public policies on certain segments of the society? Is this how PBS has been operating all these while?

Perhaps the Warisan+PH+UPKO Government is not as savvy as the PBS while they were part of BN government. We haven’t learned the trick of segregating voters and non-voters in implementing state policies; but I have faith in my leaders that we won’t go so low to penalize those who didn’t vote for us.

After all, elections are a democratic process. Whoever is the Government should serve every Rakyat. The people are the boss. That, we are very clear and certain.

• Felix Joseph Saang is UPKO Youth Organizing Secretary