Many Suspension Bridges In Penampang In Dire Condition

Pritchard Gumbaris, the Political Secretary to The Penampang Parliamentarian Member, Darell Leiking lambasted the GRS government for their lack of urgency in solving the plight of the community in Penampang.

Recently the Moyog Community Development Coordinator, Mr Kirih Gary said in Daily Express that the local government is unable to repair an ailing suspension bridge at Kg Notoruss despite the three applications sent by the villagers since 2021.

“I was quite surprised to read what was said by Kirih. The revelation made by the Moyog Community Development Leaders Unit (UPPM) official is quite embarrassing because all Federal and State fundings are channeled to them via District Office. All applications from Village Development & Security Committee (JPKK) will go through UPPM before it is sent over to District Office for further actions” said Pritchard.

According to Kirih, the suspension bridge used mainly by more than 100 students and residents on a daily basis and the users’ risk of falling into the Moyog river due to slippery and broken planks if they are not careful. These should already be a warning to both UPPM and District Office to rectify the issue immediately and for all three applications to be rejected due to financial issues shows that the government are less concern about the safety of the user especially the elderly and little children who are schooling at SK Babagon.

“This is not the first news we heard since the GRS government took over in September 2020. Recently our office received similar complaints at Kg Madsiang, Kg Kimoligan and Kg Dungkahang recently. We have sent wood planks for the former Village Community Management Counsil (MPKK) of Kg Madsiang to fix their suspension bridge through communal work and we also offered to help fix the Dungkahang – Penampang Proper suspension bridge but we were told by the current Kg Penampang Proper JPKK, Moyog UPPM and District Officer that they have secured Federal funding and they will start fixing the bridge this coming February and we were told not to proceed with any sort of help but at least District Office replied us back” said Pritchard.

During Warisan led government, we have fixed 35 suspension bridges in Penampang District using the allocation that was given to the Parliamentarian office and we made sure every complaints entertained and after a thorough due diligent we were able fixed the suspension bridge but our tenure were shorten after Perikatan Nasional took over the Federal Government in February 2020 and all existing allocation was stop immediately.

“Even though we were not allocated any funding for development in the District, we still managed to help through Non Governmental Organisation and individual donors and most works were done through communal effort. The responsibility falls under the current GRS government and they must ensure every suspension bridges or infrastructures are to be rectified as this fall under their responsibility and it is quite disappointing that UPPM can complaint about the lack of support from the current government when they themselves are the government.” stressed Pritchard.

The Penampang Parliamentarian and the Moyog State Assembly office urged the district office to expedite the rectification of the suspension bridge in Kg Dungkahang, Kg Notoruss and Kg Kimoligan before any unwanted incident happen.

“We have written official letters to District Officer to quickly solve the issue and to start utilizing the financial allocation sent to them meant for Penampang district development,” urged Pritchard.