Man Who Climbed 150m-Tower, Stayed On For 30 hours, Finally Persuaded To Come Down


KANOWIT: A man who climbed a 150-metre telecommunications tower in Bukit Mamaloh and stayed up there for more than 30 hours since early yesterday, finally came down at 3.51 pm today.

Kanowit Fire and Rescue Station chief, Arrahman Chik said two fire and rescue personnel had earlier gone to the location to persuade the man, identified as a 35-year-old Indonesian, to come down.

“Upon arriving at the tower, the man was calmed down by police and fire and rescue personnel with his details recorded. He was later taken by the police for further action,” he said when contacted by Bernama.

The man who worked as a carpenter shocked locals yesterday morning as he climbed the telecommunications tower after a disagreement with his colleagues.

An attempt to persuade him to get down was started by a team of policemen who arrived at the scene at about 8 am, but failed, before a team from the fire and rescue station was also called in to assist.

They were initially unable to persuade the man who allegedly threw hard objects at them, causing them to temporarily suspend the operation before resuming today, and finally succeeding in the afternoon.