Malaysia Day message by Musa Aman


1.         I wish to extend Malaysia Day greetings to all Malaysians. This country was born 53 years ago and we have not looked back since. It was difficult to imagine over half a century ago where the formation of Malaysia would lead us to, but today we have a right to be proud of what we have achieved. We are united and able to put our differences aside as we continue to chart new milestones and progress.

2.         Despite attempts by certain quarters to undermine the unity that we have built, I remain confident that Malaysians will stay firm in putting our differences aside. The way all Malaysians came forward in support of our Olympians and Paralympians shows that our bond is unbreakable. Congratulatory messages were and are still being shared until today on the achievements of our athletes. I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate our Paralympians and Olympians who have worked so hard to achieve great things and who have made our country proud.

3.         Malaysia has remained resilient, it has stayed on track with aspirations made in its early days of bringing progress to the people. In just four years, we are expected to achieve a developed nation status as envisioned decades ago. In a highly competitive global economic environment, we have managed to cushion impacts through timely policies and proactive actions. I believe that Malaysia will remain on track when it comes to achieving its goals of becoming a developed nation. Our five year Malaysia plans, now into its 11thcycle, are done in a way that respond to the needs of the people while ensuring the investment climate remains positive.

4.         The introduction of the Economic Transformation Programme and the Government Transformation Programme, apart from regional corridors such as the Sabah Development Corridor, are timely and visionary efforts that leverage on the strength of a certain region. We are starting to see the positive outcomes of these programmes that are backed by the private sector and which depend on an effective government delivery system.

5.         For us in Sabah, the focus continues to be on agriculture, tourism and manufacturing. With better infrastructure and amenities, the focus on poverty eradication and opportunities for tertiary and skill related education, we are starting to close the gap between West Malaysia and Sabah. We are also starting to reduce the gap between regions in Sabah. The results of such dedication takes time to show. There are challenges to overcome in our quest to achieve more for Sabah, and ultimately, Malaysia.

Musa Aman
Musa Aman

6.         Against this backdrop of economic progress, social development and political stability, I wish to take this opportunity to call on fellow Malaysians in Sabah to grow together with this nation. We cannot afford to be parochial in our thinking. While calls for Sabah to leave the Malaysian federation seem to have lessened, we cannot afford to be complacent.

7.         Those bent on creating tension among people in Sabah and Sarawak with those in the peninsula have their own agenda and we must not succumb to their plans. I am sure they are not giving up and we must be vigilant as we cannot afford to let disunity harm what Malaysia was built on. The Sabah Government brings to the attention of the Federal Government matters that need to be resolved. I also wish to assure you that the Sabah Government is always in close consultation with the Federal Government in ensuring that the requests we make are heard and that development is distributed fairly. We enjoy a good relationship with the Federal Government which is always keen to learn how it can become a better partner to us here.

8.         In terms of unity, I am proud that Sabah is a fine example of how the different races and people of various faiths can live together in harmony. Our over 30 ethnic groups are a melting pot that add value to the State and its growth. By focusing on our similarities, and by accepting one another, we are truly what 1 Malaysia is about. There is so much that we learn from one another, and I believe this is one of the factors for Sabah’s continuous development. It is my hope that we will remain united and refrain from participating in activities that undermine the harmony that we enjoy today. Let us be respectful of one another, despite our different backgrounds.

9.         Security also remains a focus especially at the Eastern Sabah Security Zone (ESSZONE). With the Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM) and other relevant assets in place, we are doing our best to keep Sabah safe. I must remind those who are involved with sea based activities such as fisheries and tourism to always remain in close contact with the authorities. Do comply with all regulations and rules that the security agencies have put in place or recommended.

10.       On this note, I once again wish to remind us all to work with one another and to collectively build Malaysia. All of us contribute to nation building and we must commit to this for the sake of the next generation. Happy Malaysia Day to everyone.

Thank you.