Major Allocations Needed To End Flooding In Kota Marudu – Ongkili

Dr Maximus Ongkili inspecting Sungai Kanarom, one of the flood affected areas in Kota Marudu on Thursday. Also present were Arnold Joibi, the Kota Marudu District Officer, Frazer Duing, the Kota Marudu Drainage and Irrigation Department engineer, and representatives from government departments.

KOTA MARUDU: A major injection capital expenditure to overcome frequent flooding here is needed, especially since Kota Marudu is among the wettest districts in the state.

Stressing the need for an effective flood mitigation system, in addition to an existing master plan on the matter, Dr Maximus Ongkili, its Member of Parliament said it could finally put flooding problems to rest.

“The investment in capital expenditure to reduce the impact of floods will be much cheaper in the long run rather than ad-hoc remedial action to repair infrastructure and assist those affected by flood,” he said in a statement.

Earlier he had visited flood-affected areas – Kampung Kuranji and Kampung Popok Laut – in Tandek.

He said, under the 11th Master Plan, a total of RM96 million has been allocated to widen several main rivers in the district, as well as building wall retainers along riverbanks and straightening rivers, to mention some; adding that at least RM1.6 billion had been spent over the last one decade here.

“Some of these action plans have been implemented, but amount of capital expenditure available has not been sufficient. These matters are being raised at both the Federal and State Governments level,” he said.

The Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister stressed that these necessary action plans need to be pursued, and he expressed confidence that tha Barisan Nasional government would be able to find the best remedies to the problems.

“Kota Marudu always receive heavy rainfall. In major rivers like Sungai Bandau and Kanarom, during heavy downfall, flood from the mountain to the lowland has become a common occurrence.

“On the other hand, when there is two to three weeks of drought, there is insufficient river water at the district water treatment plants, thus clearly indicating the need to have water storage,” he said.

Hundreds were evacuated from their homes here due to flood following heavy rain the last few days, and rice and food packages were distributed by the Kota Marudu Member of Parliament office.

They have since returned home.