MAFI: Joint Effort to Curb Trans-Boundary Smuggling with Indonesia

Djelani, second right, with Indonesia Consul Rima Diah Pramudyawati discussing various issues with Junz and his team that affect Sabah and Indonesia.

KOTA KINABALU: Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry Datuk Junz Wong expressed his gratitude with the collaboration from the Indonesia Consul-General on curbing trans boundaries smuggling activities between Sabah and Kalimantan.

Junz briefed Indonesia Consul-General, Krishna Djelani during a courtesy call to the minister’s office Monday on the opening of trans boundary barter trade in Tawau, which will benefit both countries in the commodities trade especially.

Djelani was accompanied by Indonesia Consul Rima Diah Pramudyawati.

Krishna said Indonesia officials would be more than happy to collaborate with the Sabah state government to smoothen up the barter trade and also to curb smuggling activities including LPG cylinders, sundry goods and cigarettes.

Junz sharing a memento with Krishna.

“I’m glad that the Consul-General has given his commitment on the opening of the barter trade in Tawau which would be able to reduce smuggling activities with the joint effort of both countries,” Junz said.

Junz also told the Consul General that a Crab City would be in sight in Tawau where a site has been earmarked.

The collaboration between Sabah and Indonesia in agriculture sector would be further enhanced with the visiting trip of Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry officials led by Junz to Jakarta on October 25.

During the five-day working visit, MAFI officials would be organising a site visit to a bio-combustion technology in agriculture waste management which is also known as Black Soldier Project; and seaweed downstream manufacturing technology which produces wrapping materials to take the place of plastic wrappers and bags.

The Sabah team will also visit the 33rd Trade Expo 2018 held in Jakarta.

The 33rd Trade Expo Indonesia 2018 presents numerous carefully-categorized products, encompassing Manufacturing Products, Strategic Industry Products, Creative Products & Services, Furniture, Food & Beverage Products, Craft and Lifestyle Products and Local Champion Products which might be of benefit to Sabah.