MACC In Shaming Game? Warisan Leaders Query Peter’s Public Notice

Martin Tommy, left, with Parti Warisan leaders Junz Wong and Azis Jamman at Thursday’s press conference. They queried the need for the MACC to issue a public notice to get Peter Anthony to report in within 48 hours when he could be reached through a phone call.

KOTA KINABALU: Parti Warisan Sabah leaders are not amused that Peter Anthony, their vice president is being unnecessarily embarrassed by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and have questioned the agency’s undue ‘harassment’.

Even Martin Tommy, his counsel, was taken aback by the latest diversion taken by MACC to get his client to report himself at its Sabah headquarters by issuing a public notice as if Peter was ‘not reachable and had fled the country’.

“We are just a phone call away,” said Martin at a Press conference on Thursday. “The MACC knows how to get in touch with Peter and they also know that I am his lawyer. This is very unprofessional on their part.”

But Junz Wong, another Parti Warisan vice president did not mince his words when he said that it seemed that the MACC was out to tarnish the image of Peter and harass the businessman cum politician.


“Peter has always been cooperative with the MACC and if they need him to report to their office, all they have to do is call him or advice his lawyer to bring his client to their office. Why this unwarranted publicity as if Peter had absconded.”

On Wednesday night, the MACC had purportedly issued a statement urging Peter, and Michael Ubu, a lawyer, to report to the MACC Sabah office within 48 hours, to assist in an ongoing investigation involving the sale of land in Tongod.

“We are shocked by this (public) notice,” said Martin. “I want to clarify that Peter has all these while been in Sabah. He is resting with his family in Tenom and Keningau as he is medically unfit. But he is only a phone call away.

“(As his lawyer) I am directed to tell this press conference that Peter is not about to breach any conditions imposed by the MACC. My client has been most cooperative with them at all times and can easily be reached.

Peter outside the MACC office in late 2017.

“As a matter of fact his (MACC) bail will only expire this January 26 and we were prepared to go there for an extension or whatever, just like we had done last November 25. The bail is set for every two months.”

Martin said nevertheless his client and himself would report to the MACC office at 2.30pm on Friday. (This has since been brought forward to 9.30am, according toAzis Jamman, the Parti Warisan youth chief).

According to Junz, he believed the case involving a federal government agency, had been investigated by the police previously and Peter had been cleared of wrong doing.


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