Luyang Covid-19 Case Stokes Public Fears


KOTA KINABALU: Contact tracing is underway following the detection of two new Covid-19 cases but a worried public is demanding more out of health authorities.

Social media has been abuzz ever since it was revealed that one of the two cases involved a woman from the Luyang area here.

Netizens have been calling on health officials to come out with more details on the woman’s case especially with regards to her recent contacts.

Sabah Health Department director Datuk Christina Rundi said the woman’s case was detected by the private hospital here where she had sought treatment while the second case was detected at the hospital in Ranau.

“We believe that both cases were localised,” she said in a statement Saturday, adding that health officials here and in Ranau were carrying out contact tracing following the two latest cases.

Dr Rundi said both patients had been admitted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital here for further treatment.

The Luyang case, in particular, spurred concerns by a worried public on social media.

Luyang assemblyman Phoong Jin Zhe who took notice of these concerns said there was a need to respect patient confidentiality and privacy.

However, he said more information should be revealed in the case of the woman in terms of her movement and exposure prior to being detected.

“Public panic should be taken into account. I’m worried, it seems like there’s some undercurrent on the ground,” he said.

Towards this end he hoped the authorities would be able to give more information for the public to take extra precautions.

“I urge the public to comply with the standard operating procedure at all times,” said Phoong, who is state Youth and Sports Minister.

Dr Rundi, meanwhile, said the latest two new cases brings the total number of cases in Sabah to 375, with 12 still being treated at hospitals in the state.